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One Piece Logo

One Piece: Live Action

Lead Engineer

Netlix Logo

Netflix - Nextworlds

Lead Engineer

Lego Logo


Technical Director

In collaboration with LEGO's new campaign to boost girls creativity, I led the development team's build of a stand alone 3D building experience, players were able to use bricks from the upcoming LEGO sets to build their own creations!

Kroger Logo


Technical Director

Led the development of the 'Krazy Delivery' concept where players drive Kroger themed vans to deliver parcels around the map of one of the leading games on Roblox.

Netlix Logo

Netflix - Spy Kids

Senior Engineer

Developed for the newly released Spy Kids: Armageddon, the Hyskor Run on Roblox game takes inspiration from the video game featured in the film, where the Spy Kids must emerge victorious to rescue the world.

Pebbles Logo

Post Pebbles Cereal

Technical Director

This immersive project features animated characters guiding players through DJing in a club with interactive effects, dancing to beats, conquering an obstacle course with gliders, and uncovering secret tracks through a vinyl treasure hunt.

GAP Logo

GAP Inc.

Technical Lead

I led the technical development for Gap Inc.'s Athleta range for their Roblox metaverse, featuring engaging archery and horse racing mini-games. Additionally, players can explore and unlock virtual Athleta clothing by earning tokens.

Kids Footlocker Logo

Kids Foot Locker

Technical Lead

Led the technical development for integrating Kids Foot Locker into the metaverse. Features 3 distinct mini-games where players compete for virtual 'tokens' to acquire exclusive virtual sneakers.

Kids Footlocker Logo

My Little Pony

Senior Developer

Contributed to the development of the enchanting world of My Little Pony's Maretime Bay. Meet iconic characters, play games, customize your pony with collected crystals, and embark on various activities to earn badges and exclusive items for a truly magical experience.

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